Europa Member Recognised in RSE Research Awards

Arianna Andreangeli receives Royal Society of Edinburgh research award for work on alcohol minimum pricing

03 Oct 2016

Europa Institute Member Dr Arianna Andreangeli was recognised alongside other award recipients at the Royal Society of Edinburgh's annual Research Awards Reception held last month.

Dr Andreangeli was awarded an RSE Scottish Government Arts & Humanities Small Grant earlier this year for her project Making markets work in the interest of public health: The case of the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012.

The project investigates Scotland's system of minimum prices for alcohol, examining the relationship between the Scottish legislation and the competition and free movement of goods principles in the EU treaties. The research highlights the interplay between the demands of open and competitive markets and the pursuit of public interest goals.

The grant supported a research visit by Dr Andreangeli to the University of Toronto in spring 2016. In parts of Canada, minimum alcohol pricing systems feature in liquor control frameworks on public health and safety grounds. The purpose of the research visit was to explore policy and judicial practice concerning the legal justifications, especially in competition law terms, for such legislation, which is currently in force in six Canadian provinces.

Dr Andreangeli also organised a seminar on her return to present some of her initial findings.

Dr Arianna Andreangeli (right) and Prof Antonella Sorace © RSE

Dr Arianna Andreangeli, Europa Institute Member, is Senior Lecturer in Competition Law at the University of Edinburgh.

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