Europa Member Publishes Co-Edited Book on Radical Left Politics

Luke March publishes co-edited volume on European radical left parties in the post-crisis period

04 Nov 2016

Europa Institute Member Prof Luke March has published a co-edited volume on radical left politics in Europe and its responses to the economic and financial crisis.

Europe’s Radical Left: From Marginality to the Mainstream?, from Rowman & Littlefield International, brings together contributions from leading specialists on the radical left to analyse how left parties in Europe have responded to the crisis.

The book, co-edited with Dr Daniel Keith (University of York), explores the rejuvenation of the left in post-crisis politics and the radical left intellectual response to the crisis. It is a comprehensive collection of studies on parties across Europe and offers the first comparative analysis of the approaches taken by the far left of the political spectrum to the Great Recession.

The initial conference leading to the book, The Radical Left and Crisis in the EU: From Marginality to the Mainstream?, took place under the auspices of the Europa Institute and was funded by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Edinburgh.

Rowman & Littlefield International · 2016

Prof Luke March, Europa Institute Member, is Professor of Post-Soviet and Comparative Politics and Deputy Director of the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

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