Europa Institute Hosts Senior European Parliamentarian

Institute hosts Elmar Brok MEP, jointly with the Scottish Centre on European Relations

22 May 2017

The Edinburgh Europa Institute hosted Elmar Brok MEP, the European People’s Party Brexit Coordinator and former Chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, today for a public lecture co-organised with the Scottish Centre on European Relations.

Mr Brok, speaking on the future of the European Union, underlined his determination that, following Brexit, the remaining 27 EU Member States can only address their common challenges through closer cooperation within the Union.

He also offered his perspective on the start of the Brexit process, noting that continued strong relations between the EU and the UK are of mutual interest.

The lecture was chaired by Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on Europeans Relations, and the concluding remarks were offered by Alyn Smith MEP, one of Scotland’s Members of the European Parliament. The organising of the event was supported by Anthony Salamone, Europa Institute Steering Group Member.

Dr Kirsty Hughes, Europa Institute Honorary Fellow, is Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations.

Anthony Salamone, Europa Institute Member, is PhD Candidate in Politics at the University of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Europa Institute is the University of Edinburgh's research centre on European integration. Founded in 1968, it is the oldest organsation of its kind in Scotland and the UK. The Institute occupies a strategic position in academic and policy debates on Europe and organises a range of events and activities for academics, practitioners and the wider public.