Europa Paper Series

Series Editor: Dr Arianna Andreangeli

Working Papers on Europe

The Edinburgh Europa Paper Series is a multi-disciplinary working paper series publishing original work on Europe and the European Union. Contributions are encouraged from scholars working within a range of disciplines, including not only politics, law and economics, but also history, social policy, sociology, anthropology, social theory, science and technology studies, geography, business, education and cultural studies.

We welcome contributions from University of Edinburgh colleagues – membership of the Europa Institute is not prerequisite. The Series also features papers from visiting academics at the Europa Institute and from participants at conferences and workshops supported by the Institute. We are equally happy to receive submissions from colleagues beyond the University of Edinburgh. The Series is focused on highlighting new and innovative research related to Europe, the EU and/or European integration.

The purpose of the Series is to develop a common body of multi-disciplinary theoretical and empirical research on Europe and the European Union. In particular, the aim is to contribute to a strengthening more generally of academic exchange across disciplines and the presentation of not only mainstream but also alternate visions of Europe and European integration.

The Europa Paper Series is published, in collaboration with Edinburgh Law School, on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). This arrangement ensures greater global visibility and dissemination of papers published in the series. Papers hosted on SSRN are, for instance, highly ranked by search engines. Depositories such as SSRN are also increasingly being taken into consideration in external evaluations of research impact. Since Europa Papers are working papers, authors retain full rights to publish their work elsewhere – including peer-reviewed journals.

Submission Guidelines

Papers should normally be 10-30 pages (single-spaced), and either academic articles or research reports. Submissions must be in English and include an abstract (max 300 words) and up to six keywords, in addition to author name(s), affiliations and contact details. Any humanities reference style is acceptable, provided it is used consistently throughout. Full details of references must be provided, at the end of the text or in the footnotes, depending on referencing style. We welcome submissions from PhD students, provided that they have the support of a supervisor to do so.

To submit a paper to the Series, contact the Series Editor, Dr Arianna Andreangeli, by email.

Edinburgh Europa Papers

Paper No 2011/1
The EU's Unresolved Constitution
Neil Walker