MERCURY e-Papers

The MERCURY e-Paper Series featured studies of various aspects of EU multilateralism, as part of the MERCURY Research Network.

MERCURY e-Papers

Paper No 1
Conceptualising Multilateralism: Can We All Just Get Along?
Caroline Bouchard and John Peterson

Paper No 2
Diplomatic Strategies of Major Powers: Competing Patterns of International Relations? The Cases of the US, China and the EU
Nadia Klein, Wulf Reiners, Chen Zhimin, Jian Junbo and Ivo Slosarcik

Paper No 3
The Evolving 'Doctrine' of Multilateralism in the 21st Century
Elena Lazarou, Geoffrey Edwards, Christopher Hill and Julie Smith

Paper No 4
Externalising Migration Policy: The European Union’s ‘Global’ Approach'
Nur Abdelkhaliq

Paper No 5
Market Power Europe: EU Externalisation of Market-Related Policies
Chad Damro

Paper No 6
Assessing EU Multilateral Action: Trade and Foreign and Security Policy Within a Legal and Living Framework
Nadia Klein, Tobias Kunstein and Wulf Reiners

Paper No 7
Cooperation in the North – Multilateralims or Mess?
Gunilla Herolf

Paper No 8
The EU-China Partnership on Climate Change: Bilateralism Begetting Multilateralism in Promoting a Climate Change Regime?
Giulia Romano

Paper No 9
The EU, the Middle East Quartet and (In)effective Multilateralism
Nathalie Tocci

Paper No 10
The EU Development Strategy in Africa: The Economic Partnership Agreements as a Case of Aggressive Multilateralism
Lorenzo Fioramonti

Paper No 11
'Chasing Pavements': The East Asia Summit and the Trans-Pacific Partnership – Discursive Regionalism as Disguised Multilateralism
David Camroux

Paper No 12
The EU’s Engagement with China in Building a Multilateral Climate Change Regime: Uneasy Process Towards an Effective Approach
Yan Bo, Giulia Romano and Zhimin Chen

Paper No 13
The European Union and Reform of the United Nations: Towards a More Effective Security Council?
Nicoletta Pirozzi with Hubertus Juergenliemk and Yolanda Spies

Paper No 14
Multilateralism as Envisaged? Assessing the European Union’s Engagement in Conflict Resolution in the Neighbourhood
Tomáš Weiss, Nona Mikhelidze and Ivo Šlosarcík

Paper No 15
Fiscal Multilateralism in Times of the Great Recession
Charlotte Rommerskirchen

Paper No 16
African Local Integration and Multilateralism: The Regional Economic Communities and Their Relationship with the European Union
Julian Kitipov

Paper No 17
The EU Neighbourhood and Comparative Modernisation
Lubica Debnárová, Vìra Øiháèková, Silvia Colombo and Luke March

Paper No 18
The European Union and Multilateralism in the Mediterranean: Energy and Migration Policy
Silivia Colombo and Nur Abdelkhaliq

Paper No 19
The EU and Multilateral Crisis Management: Assessing Cooperation and Coordination with the UN
Lorenzo Fioramenti, Maxi Schoeman and Gerrit Olivier

Paper No 20
Multilateralism in Practice: An Exploration of International Involvement in Solving the Crisis in Darfur
Maxi Shoeman and Jian Junbo

Paper No 21
The EU's Trade Policy and China: Cooperation in the Interest of Multilateralism?
John Armstrong

Paper No 22
Trade and Climate Change: Harnessing European Multilateralism for Africa's Development
Brendan Vickers