Mitchell Working Paper Series

The Mitchell Working Paper Series was published by the Europa Institute during 2007-2009.

Mitchell Working Paper Series

Paper No 1/2007
Promoting the Consumer Interest in an Integrated Services Market
Stephen Weatherill

Paper No 2/2007
Services, Citizenship and the Country of Origin Principle
Gareth Davies

Paper No 3/2007
Setting the Scene: How Did Services Get to Bolkestein and Why?
Bruno de Witte

Paper No 4/2007
The WTO Dimension: The General Agreement on Trade in Services
Joseph McMahon

Paper No 5/2007
A Regional Rescue of the Nation-State: Changing Regional Perspectives on Europe
Charlie Jeffery

Paper No 6/2007
Old Wine in New Bottles? From the 'Country of Origin Principle' to 'Freedom to Provide Services' in the EC Directive on Services
Rachael Craufurd Smith

Paper No 1/2008
US Democrats = The True Europeans? Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
John Peterson

Paper No 2/2008
The Accidental Strategist? Military Power, Grand Strategy and the EU's Changing Global Role
Michael E. Smith

Paper No 3/2008
The Consequences of Europe: Multilateralism and the New Security Agenda
John Peterson, Mark Aspinwall, Chad Damro and Christina Boswell

Paper No 4/2008
The Rule of Law and the EU: Necessity's Mixed Virtue
Neil Walker

Paper No 5/2008
Employment Rights, Free Movement under the EC Treaty and the Services Directive
Catherine Barnard

Paper No 6/2008
Developing an Ever Closer Union Between the Peoples of Europe?
Síofra O'Leary

Paper No 7/2008
Consequences of the UK's and Ireland's Opt-Outs in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice After the Lisbon Treaty
Felix Netzer

Paper No 1/2009
The Proportionality Principle and Union Citizenship
Roderic O'Gorman

Paper No 2/2009
The Distinction and Normative Interdependence Between 'Government' and 'Governance': The EU as a Regime of Governance
Marcus Hahn