ETHYRN Student Workshop

Europa Institute Conference

ETHRYN: The Edinburgh - Tilburg - Helsinki Young Researchers' Network

The inaugural meeting of ETHRYN was held in June 2010 with the theme of Europeanisation: What are the legal, political and sociological driving forces behind the ongoing process of Europeanisation? What is the impact of Europe on your field of research and how is your field of research influencing Europe in turn?

This workshop encouraged young researchers and PhD students to contribute to the building up of a network of excellence between the Universities of Edinburgh, Helsinki and Tilburg. The individual sessions focused on clarifying the impacts of Europeanisation and provided young researchers with an opportunity to present their own work and gain feedback from their peers, as well as from experienced academics, who also offered an insight into how research regarding the phenomenon of Europeanisation could be tackled.

Academic Speakers

Prof Andrew Scott
Professor of European Union Studies, Co-Director of the Europa Institute, Dean International (Europe)
University of Edinburgh

Prof Kimmo Nuotio
Professor of Law, Co-Director of the Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity
University of Helsinki

Prof Jan Smits
Professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law, Director of the Tilburg Institute of Comparative and Transnational Law (TICOM)
Tilburg University

Prof Neil Walker
Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations
University of Edinburgh

Paper Presentations

Europeanisation and Citizenship at the Border of the EU
Viorelia Gasca (Tilburg University)

The Principle of Non-Discrimination on Grounds of Age as a General Principle of EU Law
Sonya Walkila (University of Helsinki)

The European Voice in International Human Rights
Kasey McCall-Smith (University of Edinburgh)

Comparison of Contract Interpretation in the EU and China
Junwei Fu (Tilburg University)

Sticky Votes – Implications for a Regulatory Competitive European Contract law
Gary Low (Tilburg University)

The Europeanisation of Telecommunications Policy
Sandra Keegan (University of Edinburgh)

Protecting Fundamental Rights and the Evolving Role of the CJEU and the ECHR: Europeanisation in Action at a Supranational Level
J Bradley Olsen (University of Edinburgh)

Europeanisation and Damages Actions for Breach of Competition Law
Katri Havu (University of Helsinki

The Europeanisation of Fiscal Policy – Why Rules Don't Matter
Charlotte Rommerskirchen (University of Edinburgh)

What Does Europeanisation Mean for Green Movement Groups in Europe?
Louise Maythorne (University of Edinburgh)

GMOs in Europe: Two Tales of Precaution
Naveen Thayyil (Tilburg University)

The CFR – Views from Multilevel Governance
Esther van Schagen (Tilburg University)

Secured Transaction Laws: Centralized or Spontaneous Harmonisation?
Teemu Juutilainen (University of Helsinki)